Did you have trouble with Trade Me auctions on Friday ?

Trade Me have apologised to their customers after is was found out that some were unable to bid on auctions whilst some couldn’t not make comments on auctions.

Some of the information about the glitch that we have so far are:

  • Any bids on auctions between 9.30pm and 2am Friday night / Saturday didn’t appear on the auctions.
  • Any comments or questions made on auctions between 9.30pm and 2am Friday night / early Saturday morning didn’t appear on the auctions.
  • If you added any listings to your watch list, they didn’t stay saved.

Trade Me had arranged and advised their customers of a scheduled maintenance which was done between 2am and 5am on Saturday morning, but have stated that by midday Saturday all of the issues had been sorted out. All bids and comments have been applied and were now active on the auctions as they should be.
An estimate of 36 auctions that happened to close or miss those specific bids that met the reserve price are now being contacted buy Trade Me directly.
Let’s hope everyone can now be happy bidding and buying from Trade Me.

Muzz IT Team!