Do your children use digital technology ?

Do you have children that use the internet?

We have found such a great article on what age do you think is appropriate for social media access for your children. Every parent is different. Every parent has their own opinions on how to bring up their children in regards to when and how to introduce digital device technology. Below are some tips we give out to our customers in regards to screen time and children.
Here are some tips on children and technology

  • Always use a paid Internet security software installed and updated – such as ESET – to protect again nasty viruses
  • Supervision is a big thing to remember. No child is safe to use the internet unsupervised. So much can happen in a short amount of time.
  • Ensure that chores, homework and other life skills have been done first before screen time. This teaches children to be aware of life hygiene and importance of life first before play.
  • Always remembering to limit their screen time. Whether it’s TV or digital devices like Phones, Tablets and Computers. This really does affect their attitudes especially in learning environments such as schools.

This is something to share around and give some parents an idea on what is involved. We always get questions on the above tips and would like to remind parents that yes you are the parents. You set the rules and guidelines for technology use.
Here is an article we found on this very topic.