Huawei Sues United States over security laws that are in place

Huawei sues United States

Chinese tech giant company Huawei is going to launch a US court challenge which has been filed in a federal court in Plano, Texas.
This is over an announcement made on Thursday by the Huawei Technologies Ltd. It has filed a lawsuit asking a federal court in Plano, Texas to throw out a portion of this year’s US military appropriations act that bars the government and its contractors from using Huawei equipment. Huawei have been years trying to put to rest on the accusations of its facilities. They have stated they are compelled to take this legal action and get this matter resolved.
Huawei has around 40 percent of the global market for network gear but of course it’s US sales have depleted after a congressional panel in 2012 cited that the company and a Chinese competitor ZTE Corp had security risk and told most phone carriers to avoid the company altogether.
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