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Terms and Conditions

Data and Software

Although we (the engineers) take every care to make sure your data remains intact, we can not accept responsibility in the extremely unlikely event that data loss or corruption occurs. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that any critical information such as documents or photos are backed up.
In the case of data recoveries, due to the thorough nature of our data recovery procedures, previously deleted files can re-appear, even if the hard drive has been previously wiped. This may include any unwanted or unexpected files located in the “Temporary Internet Files” folder, or received as an email attachment.

Operating System (O.S.) installation

If you are having an OS re-installation, we can only install it if a valid license is present. This procedure deletes every single file on the computer, so it is up to you to ensure all your files are backed up and that you have the installation software for any applications you use.
PLEASE NOTE THAT MICROSOFT OFFICE IS NOT A STANDARD PART OF WINDOWS. Although some systems come with Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint) installed at purchase, if you can’t supply your Microsoft Office CDs and license key, it can’t be installed. The same applies to software such as Photoshop and any other commercial programs.


It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that any security software is installed once your device is returned. Muzz IT will not be responsible if any malicious software appears on your computer after it leaves our location.

Repair / Evaluation Schedule

The waiting time is usually just a few days, however due to unforeseen circumstances this waiting time may be longer. The engineers will advise the owner of the current approximate waiting time. If any replacement parts are needed, there may be an extended waiting time depending on availability from suppliers. All parts need to be paid for in full before ordering takes place. Any equipment not collected within three months of evaluation will be disposed of.


A minimum labour charge of $60 applies to all jobs (covers first 30 minutes of labour) and must be paid before any repairs commence. All on-site jobs will incur a $35.00 call out fee plus the above-mentioned minimum labour charge to come out on-site. This may increase in the case of complex repairs including (but not limited to) notebook and or motherboard evaluations, data recovery or OS installations. Services performed in our workshop incur the above-mentioned inspection fee (drop off only, applies to issues stated at time of book in). We will not go ahead with any extra repairs without gaining the owner’s consent first. We can only accept payment in the form of EFTPOS, Cash, direct deposit or genoapay. Invoices must be paid on the pickup of your device NO EXCEPTIONS. Default payment terms are net 7 days; a $30 late fee may be charged if cleared payment is not received by the invoice due date. Cancellation of your appointment within one hour of the scheduled appointment will automatically incur a $60 cancellation fee. Goods not picked up within 90 days of job completion will be sold to recover costs.
Travel Cost for on-site visits
We have fees for travel cost within Whangarei and out of Whangarei. These prices may increase depending on your address in and around Whangarei.

Electronic Failure

In the case of faulty electronic components (such as power sockets for example) in extremely rare cases, electrical ‘arcing’ can be caused, the electronic components on a notebook motherboard can be stressed, and failure can appear to occur after a notebook / PC has been booked in. In this case we will not accept responsibility for funding replacement components.


All Repair equipment comes with a 14 day warranty unless otherwise specified (from the date of receiving the equipment or work done onsite by Muzz IT only) for the exact same fault or part only. Warranty is void if peer to peer / file sharing (e.g bear share, bit torrent etc) software is used or R – Rated sites have been visited. If the device has been tampered with outside of the normal operating conditions. Muzz IT has the final say whether the repair will be covered under the warranty or if this is considered a new issue. Virus / Malware / Spyware removal comes with a 1 week warranty only (this is dependent of having a full paid internet security software suite installed or adequate free protection and windows updates being up to date).